Efco SAi 60 Battery-powered Blower Kit (with Battery + Charger)
Brands: Efco
Product Code: SAi 60


The new Efco SAi 60 40V battery leaf blower has become an essential piece of equipment for clearing work in the yard and garden. The SAi 60 is the most modern and practical version thanks to its battery operation, ideal power output for various duties, and air velocity control.

The Efco lithium-ion powered leaf blower has a fast air speed to clear leaf and twigs from the garden.


Max air speed: 40m/s
Runtime: 2.5 Ah: 40' minimum speed, 5.0 Ah: 90' minimum speed, 2.5 Ah: 15' maximum speed, 5.0 Ah: 30' maximum speed
Motor type: Brushless
Voltage: 40V
Adjustable air velocity: yes, specific command (roller)
Maximum motor power: 620 W
Compatible batteries: Bi 2,5 EF, Bi 5,0 EF
Sound pressure/power level: 81/94.1 dB(A)
Lh/rh vibration level: < 2.5 m/s²
Charging time: 2.5 Ah: 110', 5.0 Ah: 220'
Weight without battery: 3.3 Kg

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