Efco Brushcutter Attachment (26mm Split Shaft) 61289160
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Product Code: 61289160


Efco Brush Cutter Attachment (26mm Split Shaft) 61289160

The Efco brushcutter attachment is designed to meet the needs of the discerning home gardener and professional contractor alike, both of whom will benefit enormously from the flexibility of this multi-function tool.

The Efco brushcutter attachment has 110mm diameter Load & Go head fitted with 3.0mm diameter nylon line. A three tooth 255mm diameter metal brush cutter is also included for denser undergrowth.


Cutting Diameter: 370mm (with line head)
Nylon Line Head: Load&Go
Line Diameter: 3.0mm
Brush Cutter Blade: 3 tooth, 255mm diameter, 1.8mm thick
Drive Shaft Diameter: 7mm
Pipe Diameter: 26mm
Warranty: 3 years

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