Echo DPB-600 Battery powered handheld blower (with battery and charger)
£553.50 £615.00
Brand:: Echo
Product Code: DPB-600 C2


The Echo DPB-600 Battery powered handheld blower quietly clears the way.

This unit comes with a 50.4v/4Ah battery and a charger.

Features & Benefits

Metal wear ring
Helps reduce wear on the nozzle.

Rotational control
Reduces the effort required to keep the blower from rotating in towards the operator's legs and reduces stress on the operator's arm.

Secures pipe-to-housing connection.

On / Off switch with LED
Illuminates when it is ready to start.

Variable speed control
Optimises blowing power and run time.

Rubber over-mold grip

For firm grip and less fatigue in operation.

Unique design fan cover
For better air circulation, no incoming obstruction and low noise.

50V lithium ion 4Ah battery as standard
Provides extended run time.


Rated Voltage (V): 50.4

Dry Weight*1 (kg): 3.2
Nozzle Type: Round Straight
Air Volume*2 (m3/h): 650
Max Air Speed*2 (m/sec): 72.5
Sound pressure level (dB(A)): 81.9
Sound power level (dB(A)): 97
Vibration value, right (m/s2): 0.6
Run Time*3 (min): Up to 15
Battery charging time (min): 2Ah battery (80% : 24) / (100% : 42) 4Ah battery (80% : 42) / (100% : 88)

*1 Unit without battery
*2 With standard pipe
*3 With standard 4 Ah battery

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