EarthWay 2040Pi+ High Output Broadcast Spreader
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Product Code: EVS2040pi


EarthWay 2040Pi+ High Output Broadcast Spreader

The Earthway Ev-n-Spred 2040 pi pedestrian broadcast spreader boasts a wide range of professional features in a light weight and robust package. The 2040 pi has been specifically designed for spreading ice melt, rock salt, dry sand and other high-volume application products.

Pneumatic tyres means that it will be comfortable to use and outlast the competition even in the most harsh and icy of conditions.

30L Capacity
EV-N-SPRED High Output Drop System
5 Year Limited Warranty
Precise spread pattern
Proven technology ideal for rock salt
No ‘sticky’ cables to rust with salt
Allows adjustment for different products
Ideal for snow and icy conditions

Suitable for use with:
Dry Grit or Rock Salt
Processed Salt
Ice Melts

Ideal for:
Single Sites
Regular Use
Small to Medium Areas

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