Countax A25-50HE with 50" IBS Deck and A series PGC - Petrol Ride on / Sit on Mower
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Brands: Countax
Product Code: A25-50HE


The A25-50HE is Countax’s largest petrol garden tractor. The 726cc Kawasaki engine drives a 127cm (50") Combi deck and an 390 litre Powered Grass Collector. The bigger deck and collector means that this tractor can cut a larger area faster than the smaller C or B Series.

Suitable for grounds of three acres or more, the A Series will make short work of mowing lawns, paddocks and orchards. The A25-50HE is also available fitted with a 50" (127cm) Combi deck.

This model comes with the A Series PGC (Powered Grass Collector) and the 50" IBS Deck included in the price.


Kawasaki FR730V 726cc Engine
With today’s fuel prices, the FR730V provides some respite thanks to its high efficiency combustion enabled by its Overhead V-valves. However, when it comes to power and performance, the big block engine ensures there is no compromise. The comfort level of the operator is enhanced with the lower vibration the 90 degree V-twin configuration engine offers. Kawasaki is renowned for its reliability and durability helped by the cast iron cylinder liners which are fitted as standard on their 4-stroke engine range.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum, which means your mower will spend less time in the workshop as the high performance lubrication system, rotating grass screen and dual element air filter makes sure the inside of your engine remains at optimum levels, running for longer in-between service sessions.

Engine Spec - the Kawasaki FR730V is a 726cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, twin cylinder, vertical shaft, OHV engine
- Cylinders: 2
- Cooling method: Air
- Displacement: 726cc
- Power (@3600rpm)*: 16.6kW
- Torque: 54.3NM
- Bore: 78mm
- Stroke: 76mm
- Engine Oil Type: 10w-30
- Engine Oil Amount: 2.1 litres
- Overhead V-valves
- 90 degree V-twin
- High performance lubrication system
- Electronic spark ignition
- Automatic compression release (ACR)
- Internally vented carburettor with fuel shut-off solenoid
- Rotating grass screen
- Cast iron cylinder liners

OMS - a simple to use dashboard display
The Operating Management System (OMS) on the A25-50HE is designed to help you get the best performance from your tractor.

The OMS is able to sense the current working conditions and load of the engine. It then informs the operator what the required RPM setting is. This ensures optimum speed, performance and economy.

The system also warns when fuel levels are low or if the tractor is nearing a service interval.

Electric lift and emptying
The electric lift and emptying of the Powered Grass Collector minimises time and effort. It’s available as a standard fitting on the larger A25-50HE and A230D.

The lift and emptying mechanism is powered by an actuator. At a push of a button, the lift arms on the back of the tractor raise or lower the grass collector to the desired position. The system is more than capable of lifting the full capacity of 390 litres of wet grass.

A separate switch controls the emptying of the collector. Once activated, the bottom pan of the collector extends out as the PGC net rotates.

Differential lock
Differential lock (diff lock) is a standard feature of both the A25-50HE and A230D garden tractors. Diff lock is engaged by way of a foot pedal located at the back of the tractor near the seat. Once applied, the rear differential is locked, preventing wheel spin and forcing the two driving wheels to turn at the same speed.

Briefly locking the differential will help you gain traction when the tractor is in mud or travelling in difficult conditions.

Manually engaged power take-off
The Countax garden tractor power take-off (PTO) enables a variety of powered attachments to be run by utilising the power of the tractor’s engine.

Hydrostatic transmission
The hydrostatic, foot-controlled transmission found on all Countax tractors is smooth and responsive. It is as easy to operate as the controls on an automatic car.

One pedal controls forward speed. Press it further and your speed increases. Release it and you slow down. Take your foot off the pedal and the tractor comes to a complete stop. There is a separate reverse pedal which works in the same way.

On a Countax, there are no gears or clutch pedals to worry about. The hydrostatic transmission is infinitely variable. This means that you have full control over the speed of the tractor at all time.

Deck height selection
Precisely control the height of cut.

The lightweight deck height selector can be adjusted through nine incremental settings to provide a cutting height of 12mm to 101mm (dependent on type of deck).

The lever for the manual lift features a ‘trigger’ style locking system. The C Series and B Series tractors display the current height setting on the dashboard display.

Noise reduction
Low noise operation through good design, quality and specification.

All Countax products are designed to produce the lowest levels of noise. Not only does this make operating a Countax more comfortable, it also ensures that our products fall within the levels issued by EU noise legislation.

Our tractors feature a double skinned bonnet which helps to reduce engine noise. Our unique cutting and collection system means that air disturbance from the cutting blades is minimised, further reducing unwanted sound.

Park brake
The Countax park brake system is a cleverly designed safety feature. It prevents the tractor from starting unless the brake is engaged. This important safety device is fitted as standard on all Countax models.

Protect the tractor from front impact damage

Each tractor in the C, B and A Series is fitted with a bull bar. This tough tubular bar is bolted to the tractor’s chassis and is positioned in front of the bonnet. It helps to protect the tractor from accidental impact damage.

The bullbar has angled sides to help deflect tall grass and other material away from the bonnet.

Model- A25-50HE
Engine- FR730V twin cylinder 726cc
Transmission- Hydrostatic Foot Control
Deck height settings- 25-101mm
PGC Capacity- 390 litres
PGC Electric Lift- Standard
PGC Electric Emptying- Standard
Power Take-off- Standard (Electric Engage)
Bull Bar- Standard
OMS- LED Display
Differential Lock- Standard
Wheel Size (Front/Rear) - 41/58cm (16"/20")
Dimensions (LxWxH exc PGC) - 184.5x131x119cm
Warranty- 3 Years

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