Chapman Weed Wiper W240 Towable
Brand: Chapman
Model: W240


Chapman Weed Wiper W240 Towable

Chapman Weed Wiper W240 Towable

Unique to the market, the W240 Weed Wiper is a simple yet effective tool for the selective application of herbicide to undesirable weeds such as reeds, rushes, bracken and thistles.

“Virtually Eliminates Dripping”

A unique electric drive system eliminates dripping due to over-saturation and ensures consistent application and killing of weeds.

A robust tubular steel frame is used to ensure weeds flow smoothly through the machine, under the huge 200mm (8”) diameter central wiping roller.

  • Advanced Brush or Carpet model available
  • Huge 2.4m (8′) Working Width
  • Mounted 60l tank, pump and hand-lance for spot spraying
  • Unique electric drive system eliminates dripping
  • Simple IP67 sealed electronic control module supplied as standard for maximum control


Take Back Control

The W240 features a huge 200mm (8″) diameter carpet roller, simple automated electrical operation, and integrated tank with hand-lance for years of trouble-free operation. As standard, a high-quality thick-pile wool/poly blend carpet is installed to balance liquid carrying capacity and wear resistance. An upgraded Brush Roller is also available manufactured from Natural Tampico for ultimate precise application.

Ground Breaking Electric Drive

The W240 trailed Weed Wiper features a unique electric drive motor, operating at 25rpm. This ground-breaking feature ensures the roller runs at a constant speed regardless of the forward speed, which all but eliminates dripping whilst ensuring weeds get a good dose of herbicide (eg. Glyphosate). The constant roller speed also allows more liquid to be held in reserve on the roller, without dripping occurring and damaging the crop below.

Simple, Yet Effective Design

The simple design of the W240 without unnecessary steelwork ensures a strong yet lightweight machine. The 19x7x8″ semi-flotation tyres have a low ground pressure without being overly wide to minimise the chance of herbicide transfer to the wheels and subsequently to the underlying grass. Simple height adjustment and the hand-lance fitted as standard to the mounted 60L tank of the W240 Weed Wiper ensures ease of use and coverage of those awkward areas at field boundaries.

Advanced Tampico Brush

The all-new W240 Brush Model features a natural, hard wearing Tampico fibre brush mounted in segments. The Tampico brush provides the ultimate precision in chemical application, allowing weeds to pass through the brush bristles for a higher contact area and greater results. Specially designed to ‘hold’ chemical within its fibres and the addition of the unique electric drive system of the W240, all but eliminates dripping whilst keeping brush saturation levels high to deliver a high concentrate of chemical in one pass. The Tampico brush is designed to last the lifetime of the machine, but segments are easily replaceable should any of the brush segments get damaged helping to keep costs to a minimum.


Working Width 2.4m
Weight (Unladen) 190 kg
Working Height 0-350mm
Tank Capacity 60 Litre
Pump Pressure (max.) 70PSI/4.3 BAR
Pump Flow Rate (max) 2.2gpm/8.3L/min
Roller RPM 25
Roller Diameter 200mm
Tyre Size 19x7x8″

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