BCS 710 Petrol Two Wheeled Tractor
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Brand:: BCS
Product Code: 710


Why the BCS 710?
The BCS 710 Two Wheel Tractor is an excellent rotavator and power scythe and can be relied upon to be a workhorse for many years. The BCS 710 Two Wheel Tractor is a compact and powerful machine, capable of being fitted with a variety of useful attachments.

Is the BCS 710 Easy to use?
The BCS 710 is a very straightforward machine to operate thanks to an all gear drive combined with a single working speed to ensure simplicity.  It is ideal for vegetable plots, allotments and large gardens where a multi purpose two wheel tractor can be used to deliver excellent results and significant time savings.

Implements and Attachments
Well-balanced and simple to operate, the BCS 710 Two Wheel Tractor has adjustable handlebars and simple uncomplicated control levers. An all gear drive system ensures superior levels of reliability and allows the operator to work the machine hard without worry.

The BCS Two Wheel Tractors are supplied as power units only so that you can choose the implements required. For details on the implements that can be operated by the BCS 710, please see the drop down to your right.

Specifications -

Engine - Honda GX270 Petrol
Power Output - 6.3 kW /8.4hp
Weight - 83kg
Gears - 1 forward, 1 reverse
Speeds (kph) - Forward1.05, Reverse 2.68
Wheels - 4.00 x 8 agricultural wheels
Warranty - Domestic 3 years, Commercial 2 years
Dimensions (L x W x H) - 17x 64 x 12cm

Please note:

- Implement Quick Coupling Assembly- Couplers for machine and one implement

- Additional Coupling- Coupler for powered implements

- Blank Coupling - Coupler for non-powered implements

- Spade Lug Wheels - Pair - 43cm / 17", not suitable for cultivator kit which requires 49cm/19" spade lug wheels

Lawn Tractor Engine Brand
Engine Brand Honda GX270

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