BCS 630WSBF Bank Commander Flail Mower (Bank Flail Mower)
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Brand:: BCS
Product Code: 630WSBF


BCS 630WSBF Bank Commander Flail Mower

The BCS 630WS is a complete grassland management machine designed for those who need a go-anywhere unit capable of undertaking a number of grass cutting and clearing tasks.

Why the BCS 630WS Bank Commander?

Now fitted with the patented BCS PowerSafe® clutch, the BCS 630WS features a heavy duty drive system, a low centre of gravity and simple controls. It can be fitted with a choice of implement heads for a range of tasks including grass cutting and clearing, estate maintenance and snow clearing.

The powerful Honda GX390 Banks engine combined with the clutch/brake steering system and large agricultural wheels enables the 630WS to effortlessly cut vegetation in almost any location and on almost any terrain, including slopes up to a 40° gradient.

The BCS 630WS also features a useful travel speed which makes getting the machine to site swift and easy. An optional implement quick coupling system is also available enabling implements to be changed quickly and without the need for any tools.

The BCS 630WS Bank Commander is supplied as a power unit only. It can operate a wide variety of implements including scythe cutter bars, flail mower, rotary mowers, hay rake and even a mini baler.

There are also different tyre options available for different ground conditions including floatation tyres for wet or boggy environments and turf tyres for lawned areas.


BCS 630WS Engine
Model: Honda GX390 Banks
Fuel: Petrol
Net Power Output: 11.7hp / 8.7kW @3600rpm
Starting: Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.1L
Fuel Consumption: 3.5L per hour @3600rpm

BCS 630WS Power Unit
Gears: 4 forward (inc travel speed) & 3 reverse
Forward: I: 1.31 km/hr / II: 3.05 km/hr / III: 4.48 km/hr / IV: 13.97 km/hr
Reverse: I: 1.38 km/hr / II: 3.21 km/hr / III: 4.72 km/hr    
Brakes: Clutch / brake steering system & Parking brake
Wheels: 5.00 x 10 agricultural
Weight: 125kg
Length: 200cm
Width: 63cm (at handlebars) / 89cm (at wheels)
Height: 99cm
Domestic use: 3 years
Commercial use: 2 years

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