BCS 614 PowerSafe Two-Wheeled Mower
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Brand:: BCS
Product Code: 614 PowerSafe


BCS 614 PowerSafe Two-Wheeled Mower

Motor mower with mechanical transmission and PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch | power 4,8 hp | cutting width up to 100cm.

The versatility of BCS motor mowers PowerSafe® allows our customers to fulfil any requirement, all year round, related to:

- mowing fodder,
- weeding between rows of vineyards and orchards,
- maintenance of public greenery and private gardens,
- cleaning uncultivated areas,
- during winter use.

Thanks to its handling and ease of use, the motor mower 614 PowerSafe® can be used by a vast range of users: from hobby farmers to individuals and greenery caretaker.

The PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch, patented and exclusive to the BCS Group, also guarantees maximum reliability, comfort and total safety for the operator

Engine: Honda GP160 V
Fuel: Gasoline
Starter: Recoil
Power KW/HP: 3.6 / 4.8

Technical Features:

No. of speeds FWD/REV: 1 + 1
Quick reverser: yes
Clutch: PowerSafe®, with multiple discs in oil bath
Differential with lock: no
PTO: independent at 990 rpm with engagement in oil bath
Alu protections on the wheel hubs: yes
Brake: no
Handlebar: mounted on silent-blocks, adjustable in height and sideways
Safety devices: in compliance with the applicable regulations
Graph of the speeds in km/h with 4.00-8 tyres

The exclusive PowerSafe® clutch with multiple steel discs in oil bath and flanged directly to the engine, provides the operator with a series of tangible advantages:

Maintenance-free hydraulic clutch.
Practically unlimited duration even if stressed with alternating movement attachments or with high inertia.

No overheating even if stressed for a long time.
No drop in performance at any operating temperature.

Gentle and progressive engagement of the clutch lever, as well as minimal force required to keep the safety lever pressed.
Elimination of preliminary action for engine start-up.

Immediate machine and attachment shutdown if the handlebar is released. However, the engine continues to run.
Dual desmodromic system to prevent work from being resumed accidentally.

Extended to 5 years on the entire PowerSafe® clutch unit.

Cutter Bar
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